Know All About Websites?

What is website?

A website is a collection or group of the globally available, publicly accessible set of documents or files that are accessible only through the Internet which has interlinked web pages that share a single domain name. 

A website can be handled by an individual, group, or businessperson. The most popular websites are Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, UC browser, etc. 

A website contains many web pages where information will be stored in a database or web server.  

 Here a small question arises as to what is a webpage. 

When you open a website say, on the landing page you see a few contents, like about us, our services, testimonials, etc. The entire page is called a web page. typically, a website possesses 3-10 web pages. 

Each webpage gives out several aspects of the website.  

The important part of a website is its domain. Without a domain, you cannot use any website. 

Does a question arise as to what is a domain? 

Domain in google means an area of territory owned or controlled by a particular ruler. In the case of a website, it means the website is the web domain is a substitute that replaces the Internet Protocol (IP) address. The domain is when you search for a website or content, the full URL gets displayed, but at the end of the URL, you get .com. Edu, .in, etc. which you will have to buy for a website that will have a profound impact on the website business. 

Creating a website takes time, it is built as per the requirements given by the one who owns the business, and he provides us with all the details like how it should look and how he or she wants his or her website to be built. 

It does not finish here, after the website is created and sent to the owner, he or she must look and verify if everything is functioning properly, and the website is created how the owner wants it to be. 

In a website, the logo, content, and blog play a significant role. If a website attracts customers through your service and product it means that the business is growing.  

Types of websites: – 

  • Homepages Website 
  • Magazine Websites 
  • E-commerce Websites 
  • Business Websites 
  • Educational Websites 
  • Blog Websites 
  • Portfolio Websites 
  • Landing pages 
  • Social Media Websites 
  • Directory and contact pages 

The different type of websites?

Presently many different types of websites target audiences which helps to reach the goal.

The different types of websites are

  • Static Websites

          Static websites are more flat, stationary or, single-page websites. Here static websites do not require programming or a database or web server that can store information. They are the basic website, where the content does not change often and these types of websites provide only                        information where there will be no interaction with the users.

    1. When your budget is limited.
    2.  It is easy to develop.
    3. Basic knowledge can help in developing a website.
          The disadvantage
    1. Static websites is out of date.
    2. Limited functionality.
    3. Cannot run this website for a longer time. 
    4. Contents cannot be changed easily.
  • Dynamic Websites

          Dynamic websites are of different types. In dynamic websites, there will be a change of content very often. They are developed using software                skills. Dynamic websites require programming languages or databases or web servers to store the information.

    1. It is easier to add content or new pages.
    2. It is easier to update.
    3. High functionality.
    1. Needs more knowledge of languages and programming.
    2.  Needs a professional to develop software.
    3.  High cost.
    4. Takes a longer time to develop.
  • Business websites

          Business websites are the platforms where you can provide information about your company and help your business grow day by day.

          When you write about the company and the services or products you provide, it is important to describe clarity. Start-up companies can have a                great impact with amazing and colourful websites.

  • Personal Websites

    A personal website is created by itself for individual purposes. These websites have and give you the option to change according to your likes and dislikes. It is a great platform to showcase your views, and thoughts and give a personal opinion on anything.

    As we all know that there is a huge drastic change in the digital marketing industry, and personal websites have to be unique and attractive to increase your business.

  • Social media Websites

    In the present situation due to COVID, many people don’t prefer to go outside, here social media websites play a major role. This website includes entertainment, shopping, to gain productive information or business-related activities. More than 80% of the world uses the internet and are surfing online, social media helps in taking business to another level.

  • Educational Websites

    Educational websites do not only include information on studies or subjects but also include videos and games etc. Not only students, teachers, professors, or doctorate visit this website but many different kinds of people visit the website.

    Educational websites like NPTEL or MOOC and many more is accessible to all and are also one of the leading websites in the country.

What are the different tools used for designing and building websites?

There are many different and effective tools for designing and building websites. While there are a lot of free and paid web design tools available, our firm uses those that are suitable for your business and marketing objectives. 

Many software tools are updated every year, along with the latest technologies introduced each year. Software for web design includes a variety of functions, such as marketing and advertising, building software for several types of websites, and many other types. 

  • Pexels  

          On this website, you get lots of free stock images, photos, or videos that can be copied and used in your websites to make your websites look                attractive and colourful.  

  • Photoshop 

          It is a photo editing app wherein you can edit your photos or write a quote or something about the company on the photo and then attach it to                your website. 

  • ProofHub 

          Proofhub is web-based project management software. It helps the team to track and organize their project status. 

  • WordPress 

          It is one of the simplest ways to create your website, blogs, or content. It also gives an option that anyone can modify or use the software for                 free. Like all other web tools, this also allows you to create a business website, portfolios, blogs, resumes and many more websites. 

  • Bluefish 

          It is a free software editor wherein it allows you to edit with a variety of tools for programming and website development. It is an immensely                    powerful editor for experienced web designers.  

While developing a website many things come into consideration. If you want to create a website, many websites can guide you or show videos on how to develop a website. Developing a website is risky at the same time. So, I would like to suggest you have a look at our website which is where we provide services, build websites, Photography, Videography, Search Engine Optimization, social media marketing, and many more.  


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