Mecwin Remote Monitoring System
Harness the Power of the Sun to Empower Your Farming

project overview

Real-Time Solar Pump Tracking: Stay connected with your solar pumps anytime, anywhere. Monitor real-time performance, water output, and energy efficiency directly from your phone.
Smart Alerts & Notifications: Receive instant alerts for any operational issues, maintenance needs, or efficiency drops. Keep your system running at peak performance without constant physical checks.
Weather Integration: Plan your irrigation effectively with integrated local weather forecasts. Make informed decisions based on upcoming weather patterns.
Usage Statistics & Reports: Access detailed reports on daily, weekly, and monthly water output and energy usage. Understand your pump’s performance and plan for optimized usage.
Easy-to-Use Interface: A farmer-friendly app interface designed for ease of use. Access all features with just a few taps, even if you’re not tech-savvy.

Problem Statement

Local artisans and designers face challenges in reaching a wider audience and selling their unique products, while consumers often struggle to discover and access authentic, locally made items. There is a lack of a dedicated platform that facilitates collaboration between artisans, designers, and shoppers, hindering the growth and exposure of local creative talent.

our solution

The Local Artisans and Designer Collaboration and Shopping App provides a comprehensive solution by connecting artisans, designers, and shoppers in a collaborative and seamless environment. The app serves as a digital marketplace, offering artisan and designer profiles, product listings, collaboration spaces, personalized recommendations, secure transactions, social sharing, and community engagement. This empowers artisans and designers to showcase their work, enables shoppers to discover and support local talent, and creates a vibrant community of artists and enthusiasts.

Design Process


-User Research
-User Interviews
-Competitor’s Analysis


-Problem Statement
-Empathy map


-User Journey map
-User Flow
-Empathy map


-Visual Design


-Usability Testing
-Visual Design

Onboarding Screen

The screens which Sign In option enables existing users to log in to their accounts, while the Sign Up option allows new users to create a new account and start exploring the app.

Home Screen

The home screen should provide a seamless experience for users to discover stories, receive personalized advisements, and explore trending artisans, designers, and products.

The Advertisement section This section helps users discover new and tailored content, enhancing their shopping experience.

The Advertisement section This section helps users discover new and tailored content, enhancing their shopping experience.

The Trending Artisans section highlights popular and up-and-coming local artisans.

The Trending Designer section highlights popular and up-and-coming local Designer.

Tab bar Screen

The screens which would introduce & brief you about the application with just few screens in the initial stage

Users are Check the Farmer Details And Motor Controller All Information like Device Details and Update Details.

users Raised ticket the details Showing All Information Ticket Number, Priority,Reason In Review, Solved.

When users tap on a Get Latest Values On Motor Controller. This page provides Download Pdf Options

Users can access their Complaints and See All values Informations

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