Indian Talent Olympiad

The Indian Talent Olympiad app simplifies exam access for students, making it easier to participate in various Olympiads.

project overview

The ITO – Indian Talent Olympiad app is a useful app developed by the team of Indian Talent Olympiads to assist students in gaining more comfortable access to all exams in a more simple and easy way. Students gain exposure to exam patterns on this app by attending the Mock Test, which can be significant in helping them improve their insight of the questions as they gear up to appear for the competitive exam. Olympiad Exams like Science Olympiad, Mathematics Olympiad, English Olympiad, General Knowledge Olympiad, Computer Olympiad, and Social Studies Olympiad curated by ITO. ITO intends to assist students enhance their knowledge by improving their performance in regular academics.

Problem Statement

The Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) app aims to provide students with easier access to various Olympiad exams, including Science, Mathematics, English, General Knowledge, Computer, and Social Studies. However, the app faces several UX challenges that need to be addressed to enhance the overall user experience.

our solution

the development of the Indian Talent Olympiad (ITO) mobile application represents a significant stride in leveraging technology to enhance educational experiences for students. The comprehensive approach, encompassing a user-centric design strategy, robust software requirements, and a strong emphasis on accessibility, ensures that the app will not only meet but exceed the diverse needs of its target audience.

Design Process


-User Research
-User Interviews
-Competitor’s Analysis


-Problem Statement
-Empathy map


-User Journey map
-User Flow
-Empathy map


-Visual Design


-Usability Testing
-Visual Design

walkthrough screen

The screens which would introduce & brief you about the application with just few screens in the initial stage

Onboarding Screen

The screens which Sign In option enables existing users to log in to their accounts, while the Sign Up option allows new users to create a new account and start exploring the app.

Home Screen

The home screen should provide a seamless experience for users to discover Category.

The Advertisement section This section helps users discover new Offers.

Category Section Monthly test,Annual Exam,Olympiad Books, Previous Year question Paper, Special offer, Online Study Material

Tab bar Screen

The screens which would introduce & brief you about the application with just few screens in the initial stage

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