Welcome to AEPTA Streamlining the process of securing your practice or playtime on the golf course. It’s designed for ease of use, allowing members to not only book for themselves but also for others by entering the necessary information.

project overview

This digital convenience ensures that players can review their game progress over time, identify areas for improvement, and celebrate achievements. It transforms the traditional scorekeeping process into a seamless, accessible experience, offering insights into one’s golfing journey directly through the website or mobile interface. This tool is invaluable for those looking to enhance their skills and enjoy a comprehensive overview of their performance.

Problem Statement

Golfers often struggle to track and analyze their game performance over time. Traditional scorekeeping methods are cumbersome and don’t provide a comprehensive view of progress and areas for improvement. Additionally, sharing achievements and receiving feedback from peers can be challenging.

our solution

Develop a digital scorekeeping and analysis tool specifically designed for golfers. The tool would allow users to input their scores, track their progress over time, and receive personalized insights and recommendations for improvement. It would also include social features for sharing achievements and receiving feedback from peers. This digital tool would transform the traditional scorekeeping process into a seamless, accessible experience, offering golfers a comprehensive overview of their performance directly through a website or mobile interface.

Design Process


-User Research
-User Interviews
-Competitor’s Analysis


-Problem Statement
-Empathy map


-User Journey map
-User Flow
-Empathy map


-Visual Design


-Usability Testing
-Visual Design

Onboarding Screen

The screens which Sign In option enables existing users to log in to their accounts, while the Sign Up option allows new users to create a new account and start exploring the app.

Home Screen

The home screen should provide a seamless experience for users to discover categories, Exclusive Offers, Featured

The Advertisement section This section helps users discover new and tailored content, enhancing their shopping experience.

Categories Section user can see all Categories Products

Tab bar Screen

The screens which would introduce & brief you about the application with just few screens in the initial stage

App Flow

“app flow” generally refers to sequence of the screens of the steps that a user goes through when using a application. it includes the various stages of interaction from the moment a user opens the app to the completion of a goal.

Important Screen

the important features sections See All Information Navigate Page Home,Events

a category menu Page Home, Event user select any one Category Tee Booking Rang Booking Score card, My booking, Event Tournaments, Party, Event Bookings

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